We are always sad when someone doesn't like our product

If you are not completely satisfied with my product, return the unused portion for a full refund. Please read the following rules:

1. Send us an email explaining why you are dis-satisfied with our product and request a refund. Please send the email to Admin@shaqari.com . Please include your name (required) and the Order # (not required but helpful)

2. There must be at least Two Thirds (2/3’s) of the product remaining in the jar. This would allow for several uses before you make the decision that the product is definitely not to your liking. We think that this is fair.

3. The product must be in its original jar with original cap.

4. The request for a refund must be within Four (4) Weeks of your date of receipt of the product. This is because we don’t use any chemicals or preservatives that other manufacturers use to prolong shelf life. Shaqari products are made when you order and they are not meant to be stored or kept unused for long periods of time. The maximum shelf life of a Shaqari product is, on average, 2-3 months. It is meant to be used when fresh.

5. Please do NOT ship the unused product back to us before you contact us for instructions. When you email us, we will send you a plastic bag to seal the jar in, a box and a prepaid ship label with the US Postal Service.

Upon receipt of your return, if you have satisfied all of the rules above, we will issue a full refund for that product. It will be credited to the source of funds used to make the original purchase. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Returns for a product are limited to one time per customer per product.

example: You buy a Body Scrub and you don’t like it, you return it, and get a full refund. You cannot request a refund for a Body Scrub again at a future date unless the product proves to be defective in some manner (leaked in the box during shipping or the jar damaged during shipping). We go to great lengths to prevent these occurrences by using Induction Heat Sealing under the lid and packing the jar in Water Soluble, Eco-Friendly packing material. Accidents do happen during shipping but they are extremely rare for Shaqari.

We hope that you never need to return a product but we also want you to know that we appreciate your business, whether a first-time or long-time customer. We want you to be happy when you see our box arrive at your home. If you aren’t, we want to part as friends and perhaps hear from you at some future date.


Deb N.